Nancy Gudekunst

MARCO Ideas Unlimited: July 19, 2010

Trust. This is an important aspect of why I feel comfortable recommending Cathy of Northwest Pest Control. When they inspect for bugs, they will cheerfully tell you if you don’t have any, saving you money and hassle. And if you do have a problem, they will take care of it efficiently and with integrity. Why would you call anyone else?

Sandi Warren

Vice President, D & F Plumbing

There are certain numbers you just have to have on speed dial, NW Pest Control is one of them. I came into my office this morning with flying ants dying on my desk and above my head! 7:00 am on the phone to Cathy and 7:10 a call back from the tech and 8:00 – techs were here! I can now work the rest of my day at my desk. What service and I can work easily now knowing that the icky flying ants are not going to be dropping on my head again! Call no one else for your bug or icky ant problems again! NW Pest Control is the best. Thank you Cathy and your wonderful team!

Greg Carter

Edelen Doors

Five years ago when we moved into our house, we discovered we had an ant problem; two kinds, carpenter and weird little flying things that appeared for a week each spring. We had three different companies out with seemingly sporatic success until we called Cathy at NW Pest Control. She came out, surveyed and sprayed. We had great success and now signed up on a yearly service so we can sleep at night. I haven’t seen an ant since NW Pest Control started.

Keith Lyons

KBNP Radio

I originally called Northwest Pest Control to eliminate a problem with yellow jackets in the eaves at my home. I was informed they were German yellow jackets, along with their habits of nest building …that’s how well-versed the staff at NW Pest Control are! I use them for both home and office, and frequently recommend them to anyone with insect issues – or those who want to prevent the conditions that attract pests.