April 2020: Ants Arriving for Spring

April 2020: Ants Arriving for Spring

Have you started to notice that those pesky ants seem to be back again this year?

Spring is when ants become more active. This is the time of year when they are looking to expand their colony and when they start the search for more food to provide for that growth. This is also when ants tend to go from living almost exclusively outdoors to venturing into homes.

This, unfortunately, means lots of tiny little ant visitors working their way through even the smallest access points to gain access to your buildings. And if they happen to find food in your home, their friends will begin to show up and continue to do so until the number of ants in your house is more than you can handle on your own.

Start by identifying the type of ant in your house so we can find out how to get rid of ants, their nesting habits and have a better idea of where they’re living (they may be nesting outdoors).

The best first step is to take a close-up photo of the ants and send it to us and we can tell you the type of ant you’re dealing with and where it nests.


Combating ants can be difficult at times because their nesting sites can be hidden in wall voids and other inaccessible areas.

Knowing ant species and the proper way to treat them is only half the battle.

Carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) are the most problematic species. They can be tricky to manage. One key is finding their nests, but that isn’t always easy because their nests can be indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes even those little tiny house ants can be a huge hassel when they get in from multiple sources. The key with those little guys is to discover the nest, which may not even be near the home.

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