Don’t bring home unwanted guests this holiday!

Don’t bring home unwanted guests this holiday!

We aren’t talking about unwanted human guests, we are referring to those annoying little biters that hideout in your clothing and suitcases – bed bugs!

Because bed bugs directly seek out and attack humans, and they can harbor in the tiniest of cracks and crevices, thoroughness in treatment is absolutely critical. Heat is the bed bug’s Achilles’ heel: Just five minutes at 122° F will kill them.

Heat is ideal for treating clothing, bedding, and objects from small furniture and toys to ornamental pieces and electronics. Items that won’t be harmed can be run through a dryer.

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So make sure that if you notice any little bites or irritation after an overnight stay that you run your clothes and suitcases through the dryer at a laundromat or even better take them to the cleaners for a really thorough cleaning.

This can help ensure you don’t bring home unwelcome guests!

If they do follow you home it’s extremely difficult to be rid of these little vampires without professional help. Getting rid of a mattress or couch that is infested may not be enough, as they multiply and infest everything.

If you’ve been traveling and find even just one just bed bug in your home call the professionals! The faster we treat for bed bugs the less likely to have a full-fledge infestation that results in tenting and needing to get rid of your expensive furniture.

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