Fact vs. Fiction: Hornets

Fact vs. Fiction: Hornets

We came across this helpful article on myPMP(professional pest management).net. You can see an excerpt below or check out their website for the full article!

Fiction: There is no such thing as a ground hornet.
Fact: All hornets are wasps, but not all wasps are hornets. True hornets belong to the genus Vespa. Only the European hornet (Vespa crabro germana, an introduced species) in North America qualifies. What is commonly referred to as a “ground hornet” is a giant cicada killer wasp from the genus Sphecius.

Fiction: Hornets can predict the coming winter weather.
Fact: Some people believe that if the hornets build the nest high, the snowfall during the coming winter will be high as well. Some believe the opposite holds true. Hornet nests are only used once and not reused from year to year. The queens hibernate elsewhere until choosing a new site in the spring. Because the nests are all graveyards by the time winter comes, the dead hornets really do not care how high the snow gets.

Fiction: Hornet stings are more poisonous than bee stings.
Fact: Hornet stings actually contain less venom than bee stings. However, they contain about 5 percent acetylcholine, which makes them considerably more painful.

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If you are dealing with a wasp or hornet infestation we can help! Be very careful, if you don’t know how to treat for them safely you could end up with serious injuries (especially if you are allergic); leave these aggressive pests to the professionals.

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