August 2020: How to humanely prevent and remove spiders in your home or business

August 2020: How to humanely prevent and remove spiders in your home or business

Hot summer weather means that spiders are headed indoors for shade, and to prey on other insects that are doing the same. But what spiders lack in the numbers, they make up for in legend. Spiders are hairy, spiders are scary, and the impulse to simply kill them instead of throwing them outside is tough to overcome. However, spiders play a key role in keeping other insect pests at bay. Here are some ways to keep them out of your house or business in the first place, but also what to do to remove them without killing them off.

Check Your Window Screens Each Spring and Summer

Spiders can fit into small spaces, and they regularly climb walls to escape other predators, or in search of flying prey. Falling tree limbs, birds, and even neighbors can be responsible for screen tears that let spiders in. Check each spring or summer to get ahead of the race to get indoors.

Caulk Floorboards and Door Frames

Again, small spaces. Caulking each spring and summer helps you control airflow in your home or office, but also keeps ALL bugs out, including spiders.

Remove Sources of Shelter and Hiding Places

Neglected large tools in the yard, wood and rock piles, and plants are all island-hopping destinations spiders use to hide in and to eventually reach your house. Remove these attractive oases from your yard, making your home less attractive and accessible for spiders.

Got a Spider Problem?

Well too late now for these steps? No problem! Contact Northwest Pest Control in your area by phone from this page. More preventative measures for spiders and other pests can be found here.