Silverfish are common indoors on the East Coast, and is also found indoors in the Midwest and Pacific Coast. It is found indoors in warm, humid areas such as basements.

The eggs are deposited in crevices or under objects singly or in groups of 2 or 3. The female deposits 1-3 eggs per day or at irregular intervals of up to several weeks depending upon availability of food. Eggs hatch in 43 days at 72 F and in 19 days at 90 F. Females may reproduce at 3-4 months of age. Nymphs are 1/8″ in size and scaleless when hatched. The first instar lasts 7-10 days; successive instars are 2- 3 weeks long. Scales develop in the third instar. Adults may live up to 3 1/2 years, but most live 2 years under favorable conditions (72-80 F, relative humidity of 75%- 97%). Silverfish may pass through up to 59 instars in their lifetimes.

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